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27 January 2009 @ 12:33 pm

I found this website that sells really cool shirts for us mommies so check it out.


Hope you like.
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22 February 2008 @ 01:24 am

there is the link to my amazon store. so take a look, ok?
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19 February 2008 @ 03:33 am

ok, i've put most of the things i want to sell on amazon so here's the link:


i hope the link works and if it doesn't, let me know, ok?
i hope i sell SOMETHING, at least :)

ok, apparentally, you have to have an account on amazon to be able to see. so if you dont, would you mind registering....please? with a cherry on top? :)

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16 February 2008 @ 09:04 pm
 ok, i told you guys before how broke we are and all. so i'm a little desperate at this point. i wouldn't normally do this, but yeah.  i want to do something to help out to pay the bills and everything. some of these things are not in the best condition, but every little helps.(seriously)

this is the list of things i'm selling.

cds(no cd cases, w/front inserts, some w/lyrics)

the wallflowers-bringing down the horse
linkin park-hybrid theory

spiderman soundtrack:
1.theme from spiderman
2. chad kroeger, hero
3. Sum 41, What we're all about 
4. black lab, learn to crawl
5. bleu, somebody else
6. alien ant farm, bug bytes
7. default, blind
8. corey taylor, bother
9. greenwheel, shelter
10. the strokes, when it started
11. the hives, hate to say i told you so
12. theory of a dead man, invisible man
13. pete yorn, undercover
14. macy gray, nutmeg phantasy
15. injected, i-iv-v
16. jerry cantrell, she was my girl
17. danny elfman, main titles
18. danny elfman, farewell
19. aerosmith, theme from spiderman

collective soul-blender
the mighty mighty bosstones-let's face it
everclear-so much for the afterglow
amy whitehouse-back to black
beatles-101 strings play a tribute to the beatles
fuel-something like human

faculty soundtrack
1. another brick in the wall(part 2)
2. the kids aren't alright, the offspring
3. i'm eighteen, creed
4. helpless, d generation
5. school's out, soul asylum
6. medication, garbage
7. haunting me, stabbing westward
8. maybe someday, flick
9. resuscitation, sheryl crow
10. it's over now, neve
11. changes, shawn mullins
12. stay young, oasis
13. another brick in the wall

cds by themselves, no inserts, no cd cases

Nine Inch Nails, halo eight
prodigy firestarter single, w/instrumental version
the goo goo dolls, dizzy up the girl
local h, pack up the cats
offspring, smash

no doubt singles:
ex-girfriend, import, w/ leftovers and video
simple kind of life, w/full circle and beauty contest


the cranberries, beneath skin, concert

gilmore girls(seasons 3,4,5)
rough riders
american beauty
donnie brasco
munich(i have two copies)
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind(i also have two copies of this)
the latin kings of comedy

The womanly art of breastfeeding
Caring for your baby and young child
the don't sweat guide for parents
a miracle in the making(this one i actually got at the hospital for free, but if anyone buys the above books i can include plus shipping)

the davinci code
shopgirl by steve martin
maneater by gigi levangie grazer

arts and culture: an introduction to the humanities(this one i bought when i was taking this humanities class and i'm probably going to put it on ebay or on of those textbook buying and selling sites)
the autobiography of benjamin franklin

my sergei: a love story
e-mail to the front(this one i can't keep because every time i try reading it i cry and i really don't need that)

everything else:
how to find an expert (autographed by the author, although that's not much, really)

oh, yeah, another cd:
spanish rock compilation called "rock en tu idioma" (rock from the 80s)

a armani collezione jacket. lined, virgin wool/silk, tweed, very nice and very fashionable. and it retails for $1000. no, really. i'm not joking. i'm not expecting anyone here to pay even half of that, but i can try, right? i'm going to put it on e-bay. 

i seriously don't know how to price all these things so i'm going to let you guys make me an offer. whatever you guys are willing to pay. even if it's not much, anything will help, seriously.plus shipping.
if you are interested in a particular cd i'll check and listen to it to see in what condition it is and if it's worth it for you. 

oh, i almost forgot. i'm also selling my tiny, wannabe garbage collection. 

bg long sleeve blk w/garbage on the front and the cherries on one sleeve.

an extra garbage(self-titled cd) if anyone has the bg cd(mine accidentally cracked) i can trade. 

i have someone looking at 3 bg posters i have so if that falls through i'll let you know.

also the queer, stupid girl, milk, push it singles, w/no cd cases, but w/front inserts and the push it insert is torn in half. if that also falls through, i'll let you know. 

and....the maximum garbage cd(unofficial interview cd) in perfect condition.

so....if anyone has any questions or would like to see photos or whatever please don't hesitate to let me know. i would totally, really appreciate it. 

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22 January 2008 @ 04:56 pm
 i am so tired of looking at the computer screen yet i cant seem to turn away from it.....isn't that how it usually goes?
i've devoted this day especifically on trying to find a job. I've applied to wal-mart(yes, i know: evil, but i gotta pay the bills, right?) and best buy online. i have to actually go inside target to apply there so i haven't done that. I've called all the womens' consignment shops in the area and they're not hiring. business is slow. except for one. so i've got a lead there..i gotta go to that one. excect(sp?) i'm a bit aprehensive about driving out there on streets i don't know. i know i need to get over it, but let me be a baby for now, ok? and those stupid job applications on line. it seems like they take forrrrreverrrrrrr. i have a headache from them. 
i've thought about applying at a bank or the postal service, but i feel i'm under qualified. maybe i'm just scared of trying something new and just going for it. i know i might be capable of doing so much more, but because i second guess myself all time and put off doing things i could do today.....
i have a list, though.
i WILL do it. =

ayla is talking more every day. she says things like: car, good night, thank you, you're welcome, agua = water in spanish, fish, juice
and she loves dora the explorer...im getting tired of it, actually. hehe. 

ok, time to make manuel his dinner and clean up the mess ayla made during the day before he has a fit.
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06 October 2005 @ 07:02 pm
being RELEASED???


another cd i must get soon. right along with shakira's fijación oral. oh, wait. i think naarah has that one already. i can't wait.
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03 September 2005 @ 07:51 pm
Manuel's Liutenant just called. He'll be deploying to Mississippi within the next 2 days to help in the relief effort for hurricane Katrina. He's to report to Las Flores at 1600 tomorrow.
He's been on alert since yesterday, but his unit was the first alternate. So I had thought and made myself to the idea that he wasn't really going to leave.
And I have no idea how long he's going to be gone. Now I have to worry about packing all his stuff and storing it somewhere on base. I have to buy my Greyhound ticket, pack my stuff, quit my job, etc. But I'll be alone until at least Sept. 20, that's like 3 weeks? I guess I don't have to quit my job right away since I have to be here for my last prenatal appt on base on Sept. 20.
What saddens me the most is that Manuel won't be here for the only ultrasound that's scheduled Sept. 9. Oh, God! WHY NOW?
I'm probably being selfish. There's so many people out there that need help and I'm worried about being by myself and him missing the baby's ultrasound?
Percy just called and basically told me the same thing I already know. SHIT.
Oh, yeah. Manuel isn't here(he went to Albertson's to buy juice) and he left his cell phone. He has like 3 voice messages from different guys in his unit. I just want him to get home already. I just want to hug him and tell him I'm sorry about everything I've ever done to piss him off and for being so sad and crying all the time and that I'm going to miss him so much. I love him so much.
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10 March 2005 @ 11:17 am
is there any way to delete memories?
10 March 2005 @ 07:09 am
okay, so....
complete randomness.
to everyone who actually reads my lj:
could you please tell me your b-day and sign?
10 March 2005 @ 12:05 am
so i feel like updating so i must, update. if this stupid freakin' computer will let me, that is. stupid effin annoying pop ups! RAWRRRRRR.
i've been terribly tight-lipped around lj lately and i'm not sure why. i've suddenly decided i value my privacy. or maybe not so much my privacy, but i keep thinking people not in my situation would never understand what i'm going through right now(i.e. people in my friends list/) it's just that my life has definitely changed and maybe people will think i have nothing in common with them anymore and maybe my issues won't be relevant anymore.(as if they ever were? what??) i suppose that's why i've become more protective of my shit.
wait, people have this thing called EMPATHY, right? and i'm still sorta the same person, right? eventhough i'm married, i still like the same kind of music and i still like the same kind of films, right?
so...of course, finally articulating my concerns has almost dissipated whatever unfounded worries were there. i love how these things have a way of working out all on their own.

i hate how i feel people slowly slipping away, not because you want them to, of course, but because it seems there's no other way to go.

me: oh and rita reminds me of natalie portman
ricky: why?
me: they look alike. don't you think?
ricky: eh.\
me: they're cute.
me: what do you mean eh?
me: ????
ricky doesn't like natalie portman and she reminds me of ricky's significant other, rita. and they're both sooo cute.

hmm, yeah. that was random.

anyways, i've trimmed my friends list. nothing personal, various reasons. i never actually thought i would do something like this, but hell, whatever. i don't feel like explaining myself.
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