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16 February 2008 @ 09:04 pm
some things for sale...HELP!!  
 ok, i told you guys before how broke we are and all. so i'm a little desperate at this point. i wouldn't normally do this, but yeah.  i want to do something to help out to pay the bills and everything. some of these things are not in the best condition, but every little helps.(seriously)

this is the list of things i'm selling.

cds(no cd cases, w/front inserts, some w/lyrics)

the wallflowers-bringing down the horse
linkin park-hybrid theory

spiderman soundtrack:
1.theme from spiderman
2. chad kroeger, hero
3. Sum 41, What we're all about 
4. black lab, learn to crawl
5. bleu, somebody else
6. alien ant farm, bug bytes
7. default, blind
8. corey taylor, bother
9. greenwheel, shelter
10. the strokes, when it started
11. the hives, hate to say i told you so
12. theory of a dead man, invisible man
13. pete yorn, undercover
14. macy gray, nutmeg phantasy
15. injected, i-iv-v
16. jerry cantrell, she was my girl
17. danny elfman, main titles
18. danny elfman, farewell
19. aerosmith, theme from spiderman

collective soul-blender
the mighty mighty bosstones-let's face it
everclear-so much for the afterglow
amy whitehouse-back to black
beatles-101 strings play a tribute to the beatles
fuel-something like human

faculty soundtrack
1. another brick in the wall(part 2)
2. the kids aren't alright, the offspring
3. i'm eighteen, creed
4. helpless, d generation
5. school's out, soul asylum
6. medication, garbage
7. haunting me, stabbing westward
8. maybe someday, flick
9. resuscitation, sheryl crow
10. it's over now, neve
11. changes, shawn mullins
12. stay young, oasis
13. another brick in the wall

cds by themselves, no inserts, no cd cases

Nine Inch Nails, halo eight
prodigy firestarter single, w/instrumental version
the goo goo dolls, dizzy up the girl
local h, pack up the cats
offspring, smash

no doubt singles:
ex-girfriend, import, w/ leftovers and video
simple kind of life, w/full circle and beauty contest


the cranberries, beneath skin, concert

gilmore girls(seasons 3,4,5)
rough riders
american beauty
donnie brasco
munich(i have two copies)
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind(i also have two copies of this)
the latin kings of comedy

The womanly art of breastfeeding
Caring for your baby and young child
the don't sweat guide for parents
a miracle in the making(this one i actually got at the hospital for free, but if anyone buys the above books i can include plus shipping)

the davinci code
shopgirl by steve martin
maneater by gigi levangie grazer

arts and culture: an introduction to the humanities(this one i bought when i was taking this humanities class and i'm probably going to put it on ebay or on of those textbook buying and selling sites)
the autobiography of benjamin franklin

my sergei: a love story
e-mail to the front(this one i can't keep because every time i try reading it i cry and i really don't need that)

everything else:
how to find an expert (autographed by the author, although that's not much, really)

oh, yeah, another cd:
spanish rock compilation called "rock en tu idioma" (rock from the 80s)

a armani collezione jacket. lined, virgin wool/silk, tweed, very nice and very fashionable. and it retails for $1000. no, really. i'm not joking. i'm not expecting anyone here to pay even half of that, but i can try, right? i'm going to put it on e-bay. 

i seriously don't know how to price all these things so i'm going to let you guys make me an offer. whatever you guys are willing to pay. even if it's not much, anything will help, seriously.plus shipping.
if you are interested in a particular cd i'll check and listen to it to see in what condition it is and if it's worth it for you. 

oh, i almost forgot. i'm also selling my tiny, wannabe garbage collection. 

bg long sleeve blk w/garbage on the front and the cherries on one sleeve.

an extra garbage(self-titled cd) if anyone has the bg cd(mine accidentally cracked) i can trade. 

i have someone looking at 3 bg posters i have so if that falls through i'll let you know.

also the queer, stupid girl, milk, push it singles, w/no cd cases, but w/front inserts and the push it insert is torn in half. if that also falls through, i'll let you know. 

and....the maximum garbage cd(unofficial interview cd) in perfect condition.

so....if anyone has any questions or would like to see photos or whatever please don't hesitate to let me know. i would totally, really appreciate it. 

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foreverinadayforeverinaday on February 18th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
I'd be interested in Munich (dvd), Latin Kings of Comedy (dvd) and Shopgirl (book). Would $25 be good, and cover shipping?

As for your other books, cds and whatnot, you can put it on Amazon if you want. I think Amazon even helps you pay for shipping or gives you a discounted shipping price. I did that when I needed money and sold all my old college text books.

Let me know if $25 is okay, and I'll paypal you the money, or however you want to do it :)
(Anonymous) on February 18th, 2008 07:46 am (UTC)
Yeah, paypal is fine.

Sure, $25 is perfect. Manuel wanted to ask you for $30, but i can't be greedy like that. :)
$5 should do it for shipping right? or even less probably. i mean, i know shipping is covered, but i was just wondering.

my e-mail for paypal is abbeyc@gmail.com

darn, i wish i had a measuring scale so i could weigh everything at home and calculate shipping online and know what kind of package i need. it would be so much easier. at least i have some big envelopes already. i think i can stick your stuff in one of those. :)
Abbeyuntamed_me on February 18th, 2008 07:49 am (UTC)
i hadn't signed in.

i found the perfect envelope and it's almost ready to go...
what's your address?
foreverinadayforeverinaday on February 18th, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC)
If you go to the post office and get a Priority mail envelope, they should fit perfectly fine in there. I believe it would get to me in 2-3 days, and it's only $4.20 I think. It used to be cheaper but the price went up last year. They'll weigh it and stuff for you too. But as long as it fits in that Priority Mail envelope they'll send it :)
Abbeyuntamed_me on February 19th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
well, i'm going to go to the post office tomorrow so i'll send it to you then, ok?