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אבישג נעמי

i wish i was half as good as you think i am

16 January 1984
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i'm no barbie doll
i'm not your baby girl
so i've done ugly things and i have made mistakes
and i am not as pretty as those girls in magazines...
why do you love me
it's driving me crazy

come here
pretty please
can you tell me where I am?
won't you say something?
i need to get my bearings
i'm lost
and the shadows keep on changing..

if it were a simple thing
i would tell you,
but there is confusion inside
and here around me

do you really think that love is gonna save the world?
well, i don't think so. i just don't think so.
do you really think that love is gonna save your soul?
well, i sure hope so. i really really hope so.